About Us

Society43 was founded, first and foremost, as a sunglass brand for sports fans. The name was inspired by the historic culture of collegiate competition, which began in 1834 with the founding of the Yale Boat (Crew) Club.

Inspired by the cultures that surround us, Society43 eyewear is designed with community in mind. Our officially licensed sunglasses are meticulously planned to match the style and culture of each team. 

Our mission is to provide well-built and unique sunglasses at the right prices. We believe in something called quality, and we think you shouldn’t have to endure huge price markups to get it. We love what we do, and we get excited every time we see a pair of our frames at a game or out and about.

Society43 is the leading company in officially licensed sunglasses. We embrace and support fan passion, academics, and the communities that bring us together. Royalties generated from the sale of our officially licensed products go back to the institutions to support various endeavors, enhance athletic programs and fund scholarships. Owning a pair of officially licensed 43's makes you part of this community. So join us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for the latest news and product releases. 

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Game Day. Every Day. Society43.

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